Welcome to Basma Home Appliances


The core business of Basma Home Appliances is the sale and installation of Air Conditioners, Washing machines, high end Televisions and other home appliances to our client. We have teams dedicated for installation of our products who work within Freetown and the Provinces as the need arises.

The teams are supervised by trained Indian technicians supported by nationals of over ten years experience in installation of air conditioners and home appliances as indicated above. The teams are equipped with two Toyota Hilux and installation equipment that enhanced our work which has given us the comparative advantage over our competitors.

Should you require further information, please contact us at our corporate head office 85 Wilkinson Road Freetown, Sierra Leone on +232 77 000 200, +232 77 000 202, +232 77 601 980, by E-mail lgfreetown@yahoo.co.uk, lgfreetown1@yahoo.co.uk