Welcome to Basma Home Appliances


Basma Home Appliances (LG Electronics) is a registered company under the Sierra Leone business registration act No. 17/1972 as the authorized dealer for LG Electronics in South Korea. The Company’s has showrooms  situated at 24c Wilberforce Street and 85 Wilkinson Road, Freetown and have been operating in Sierra Leone since 1998 under three main business divisions: air conditioning solution division, which provides industrial and household air conditioning (installation, repair, service and maintenance); home appliance division, which provides refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, gas cookers and home entertainment division, which provides LED, Smart   televisions (TVs), 4K UHD and OLED modules, Nano Cell TV, as well as audio and Home Theaters. 

The company hosts a well-trained, qualified and equipped team of technicians at our service centre at Wilkinson Road who are in charge of installation, repair, service and maintenance.

LG provides service and maintenance which is schedule for every two or three months annually by signing a service and maintenance agreement with our prospective clients. 

Our capacities are such that we can cope with any organizations demand. We have fleet of service vehicles preferably Toyota Hilux and mini bus. Other equipment includes Scissors Lift and a host of other equipment that are available for inspection at your convenience. 

LG has three Indian expatriate specialized in air conditioning installation, maintenance and service and they are deployed in Sierra Leone by LG electronics our parent company. They are supported by nationals that are working with them. 

Our staffs are centrally located and are deployed according to the demand of the customer. We have four staff assigned for the provinces that are always on stand by for emergencies as the need arises.